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Deck Company St. Charles

5 Star Houzz Review– “Complete demo of our existing deck, Installation of new Trex deck including railing lighting and stairs. Job was done on time and within budget, The lead installer was excellent as well as all the other workers. They did a beautiful job and would highly recommend them”

Naperville Deck Builders

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Deck Builder Naperville

5 Star Trex Pro Platinum Review– Platinum Decking did an outstanding job from the Director of Sales to the construction crew. They removed my old deck and installed a new Trex Transcend deck.

Deck Builder Naperville

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Deck Builder Naperville IL

5 Star Review–  “Very professional and completed the project on time. The construction workers did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend Platinum Decking to anyone.”

Deck Repair Naperville

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Deck Repair Naperville 

5 Star Yelp Review– “Highly recommend! I received a flyer on the patio and contacted the company after seeing positive reviews. Competitive pricing, good communication, and quick work. When we hit a couple of snags along the way or my wife changed designs, the guys communicated well and were flexible. Work looks great and we are a happy customer!”

Deck Company St. Charles

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Naperville Deck Builders

Platinum Decking is based out of Naperville IL but also serves customers in Glen Ellyn IL, Wheaton IL, and the surrounding areas.

Platinum Decking Naperville is dedicated to a 5-star customer experience from the beginning of our estimate process to the completion of your new deck.

Trex Transcend Deck- Naperville
Glen Ellyn il- New Deck Build

Trex Deck Builder Naperville

Platinum Decking Naperville is the highest-ranked Trex Pro Platinum deck builder in the area.

Naperville Backyard Deck Ideas

Trex Pro Platinum Libertyville

Learn how we build our decks to last 25+  years HERE

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Trex Composite Deck Spiced Rum- Barrington IL
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Your local deck builder Naperville IL


Transforming your backyard into a beautiful outdoor living area in Dupage County.

Life is best enjoyed when you are surrounded by your friends and family you enjoy most! With a new Trex deck from your local deck builder near me, that can be done by simply walking out your back door. 

Memorial day, labor day, the 4th of July, a neighboorhood BBQ, or just a warm day in Illinois, a Trex composite deck allows you to enjoy more time outside with the ones you love without the annual maintenance of a normal wood deck. 

A low maintenance Trex composite deck built by your Naperville local deck builder will not only be an investment to your home, but it will also reduce your annual home maintenance cost, and act as an extension to your already beautiful home.

Deck builder Naperville IL and deck company St. Charles is a proud TREX PLATINUM PRO builder 

Deck Resurface/ New Deck Naperville IL


In many cases, our customers find themselves looking for deck repair when their old deck starts to fall apart. Deck repair Naperville IL is a very popular search term when the snow melts and Spring is around the corner.

If your old deck needs to be repaired, Platinum Decking Naperville is happy come take a look. That said in many cases, it makes more financial sense to rebuild the deck vs spending money on a deck repair. Our team is happy to give you a quote on either project and discuss the pros and cons.


New deck with Trex Railings

 Deck Company Glen Ellyn and Naperville Deck Builders

Introducing the Superior Trex Deck

See more decks built in the Naperville area

Platinum Decking Naperville is dedicated to only building the highest quality decks in Dupage County.. This is done by focusing on the details and having passion around doing the job right.

In addition to your “normal” deck installation, Platinum Decking Naperville is rising the bar to what we call our Superior Deck. 

Here are our keys to a Superior deck.

  • High-quality, pressure-treated wood is the first step in building your Trex composite deck. Pressure-treated lumber from Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Menard’s are good for household projects, but not for building a 25-year Trex composite deck. Oftentimes, the “big box store” wood is warped, causing your deck not to be square and can create a “wavy” or “twisted” look once the Trex deck boards are laid. As your local deck builder near me, Platinum Decking Naperville only uses the highest quality wood. We purchase all our treated lumber from high-end lumber yards. With that being said, all boards have some natural curvature to them, often referred to as a “crown.” This crown should always be facing up to reduce the “wave” when looking at your new Trex deck. This is one of many small, important details Platinum Decking Naperville takes pride in providing our clients.
Local deck contractor near me_ Light and dark brown Trex

Trex Deck Spiced Rum with Trex Vintage Lantern

  • Picture-framing your Trex deck is one of the many specialty skills brought to you by your local deck builder in Naperville. Your normal deck will have exposed deck boards which is aesthetically unpleasing. By picture-framing your deck, not only does it hide these exposed ends, but it also adds unique character to your new Trex composite deck. Please check out our different examples of picture-framing here.
  • In some cases, the existing frame is in good enough shape and Platinum Decking Naperville is only resurfacing your project. In order to take the extra step to ensure your Trex deck lasts, we use joist tape. Joist tape is applied on the tops of each joist to project the joists from water damage. Protecting the deck frame is one of the most high-impact ways to extend the life of your deck.
Naperville deck builder_ Trex spiced rum
  • When looking through decks built by Platinum Decking, you will notice many with Trex deck lighting. This is a specialty for Platinum Decking Naperville. One of our goals is to build you a Trex composite deck that you can enjoy all times of the day. Trex deck lighting is all low voltage LED, it adds safety from dusk till dawn, and delivers a beautiful ambiance. Please see here for deck lighting ideas.
  • Finally, Platinum Decking Naperville’s culture of “perfection” is one you will not find with your average deck builder in Naperville IL. Our crew chiefs and builders take an immense amount of pride in their work. We will not walk away from a job until it is up to our personal standards. Our crews at Platinum Decking Naperville are truly PROUD of every deck we do.

Those are just a few of the examples of how Platinum Decking Naperville will deliver you a Superior Deck anywhere in Dupage Country.

Trex Deck- Top rated deck contractor Naperville IL

Trex composite deck with Trex transcend railing and Trex deck lighting

Trex lighting on a new outdoor living space in Naperville IL and Dupage County. 

Deck repair Naperville / St Charles

As your Deck builder Naperville IL, we believe it is very important to keep your deck safe and up to date. Some issues on a deck are aesthetic and others are structural and dangerous.

St. Charles / Naperville building inspectors work with as a team with deck builders in Naperville IL and the deck builders in Dupage county in order to have some of the highest building standards in the state. Below are some warning signs your deck may need to be replaced or have some deck repair.

  • Wood deck boards are soft to the touch and mossy
  • Deck boards starting to warp or crack
  • Railings lose when weight is put on them
  • Deck posts sliding off concrete footings
  • Concrete footings are cracked
  • The deck is no longer level.

Why is Platinum Decking the number #1 Local Deck Builder in Naperville?

Top-Rated Deck Builders in Naperville IL & Deck company St. Charles

Why is Platinum decking is different than the average local deck builder in the Naperville IL?

Our goal as your local deck builder in Naperville IL is to help create an outdoor living area that you can enjoy with friends and family, without having to spend thousands of dollars to maintain and upkeep. 

There are three core principles that help Platinum decking achieve this. 

The first being customer service. In the deck building and construction industries, customer satisfaction is generally low. With over 30 years of combined contracting experience, Platinum decking has seen this first hand. This is where you will soon notice a difference in working with Platinum Decking. We want to help you design and build a deck that fits your personal needs and dreams, not simply a cookie-cutter deck. Platinum decking will not leave your new Trex deck until the job is done and done right.

Deck builder near me_ Trex deck_ Trex Transcend

Trex Select deck built by your Naperville Deck Builders

The second principle is building a Trex composite deck that makes economic and finical sense for our customers. A new Trex composite deck has a higher initial cost compared to a wood deck. With that being said, over time your new Trex deck will save you thousands on deck repair, deck painting, and deck staining. In addition to saving significant money over the life of your deck, a Trex composite deck holds its beauty where a standard wood deck fades, stains, cracks, and splinters. As your local Naperville deck builder, we want your deck to be an investment, NOT a liability that costs you money year over year.

Finally, we want your deck to become an extension of your home and a living area you look forward to enjoying every evening. We will help give you backyard deck ideas and color suggestions to help you create the deck of your dreams. Check out some of our deck ideas here!

If you are located outside of Naperville, please visit our Barrington, SchaumburgLibertyville,   St. Charles,  Racine-Kenosha, Oconomowoc, and Lake Geneva.

Our Northern Patio Location is based out of Barrington| Palatine and the location of the Western patio is based out of St. Charles. 

Please meet our team that makes this all possible! 

Hear directly from our clients when they review your local deck builder near me. Platinum Decking has 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Houzz. Earing the reputation of the best local deck builder in the Naperville and Dupage County is our goal!

Landscaping Naperville

Often times when you think of landscaping you think of lawn care and tree removal. In fact, a Trex deck can be an excellent addition to your back yard landscaping and outdoor living area.

In many cases, a deck can be the centerpiece of your back yard landscaping. Once your new deck is complete, there are many options to tie it into your landscaping.

Naperville landscaping ideas

First, you can add lattice to the side of your deck. This will help hide the support beams from the naked eye. We offer Trex composite lattice along with your traditional treated wood lattice. Both look great and help tie your deck into your existing landscaping theme.

Second, you are able to plant bushes and shrubs around your new deck without damaging your deck frame. You are able to create a new landscaping theme or continue your existing landscaping theme. We work closely with landscapers in Naperville and can bring an expert over for a free landscaping consultation.

Finally, adding a stone patio to the bottom of your stairs that come off your deck is an excellent addition. A new Trex deck and stone patio with proper scrubs will bring your landscaping to a whole new level.

Taking Pride in being your Naperville IL Local Deck Builder

Platinum Decking Naperville is proudly located in the heart of Naperville and Dupage County

Your Deck builder Naperville IL and Deck Builders Dupage County: Located at 336 S Loomis, Naperville 60540

Platinum Decking Naperville is listed as a preferred deck contractor by Bairdwarner Naperville. As their preferred deck builder in Naperville, Platinum Decking is dedicated to building you your dream deck. 

Your local Naperville deck builder near me is a proud member of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce

Home depot_ deck builders _local deck contractors

Platinum Decking Naperville is recognized by Home Depot as a Pro deck builder. Additionally, We have a 5 start customer Home Depot deck builder rating. 

Deck Builder Naperville IL – Close to Home

Deck builders Dupage County and Naperville IL are close to home for Platinum Decking Naperville. Tom, one the companies founders lives in Naperville.

Doing the highest quality work in his home town is the number focus for Tom day in and day out. Additionally, Tom was recognized by the Chicago Tribune for amazing customer service and quality! 

Platinum Decking Naperville IL deck builder partners

Materials Pricing – When building a new Trex composite deck, quality building materials are critical. At Platinum Decking Naperville, we use some of the highest quality treated lumber in the Chicago land area and have negotiated deep discounts on Trex building supplies. This enables Platinum Decking Naperville to build higher quality Trex composite decks at an exceptional value. 

Manufacturer Relationship – As a Trex Pro Gold Builder, Platinum Decking Naperville is able to get special benefits and assistance from Trex. This helps ensure that customer care and high-quality decks are the number one focus from your local deck builder in Naperville. 

Milwaukee Tools – Milwaukee tool is hands down one of the top-ranked power tool companies in the world, Platinum Decking Naperville uses only the best tools. This enables us to focus on building your new Trex deck with attention to all the little details.

Insurance– Platinum decking Naperville wants to make sure you, your family, and new Trex composite deck are insured during the deck building process. Platinum decking Naperville has 4x the insurance required by the state of Illinois. This consists of a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy and full workers compensation insurance.

Trex decking_ Milwaukee tool _ Barrington local deck builders
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Deck Builder Naperville FAQ’s

What is Composite decking?

Composite Wood

FAQ w/ Matt

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from homeowners who search “Palatine Deck Builder” or “deck builder near me” for the surrounding cities and areas is “What is composite wood?” “Composite wood. Tell me more.”


It’s astounding what I learn when I visit Port Barrington, Lake Barrington and more suburbs that have me come out and visit. Although composite wood has been around for more than 30 years, many homeowners have only dealt with wood decks, mostly because they grew up with one and bought a house with one already on the back.


Before I answer, it’s important to clarify: “composite wood” is better described as “composite decking” or “composite material.” In truth, “composite wood” is either a mix of recycled plastic and recycled wood, or pure plastic.


The differences between composite materials and wood or cedar are incredible. To summarize, the biggest difference to homeowners in Barrington, Lake Zurich, Naperville and the rest of the state of Illinois, is that composite wood/materials are weatherproof. For instance, A protective shell on 3 of 4 sides on the composite board makes moisture a non-factor, unlike wood.


Furthermore, companies who manufacture composite, like Trex or Azek, provide a 25 year (or longer) warranty. The beautiful deck that goes under blankets of snow won’t emerge cracked and splintered, and every single year won’t be a maintenance hassle.


Think about that.


Composite wood also can look almost exactly like wood, down to the grain. Trex is an industry leader in this feature, with its top tier line Transcend. With different railing options and different colors, a composite deck can truly be looked at as an outdoor living space – instead of a square to store a grill and some toys on.


Platinum Decking specializes in composite decking. We are the best option for anyone who searches “Barrington deck builder,” “deck builder” or “deck builder near me.” If you are researching “composite wood,” we can educate you fully. Furthermore, our partners with Trex and pride ourselves on our truly unique customer experience.


In addition, we can resurface your existing wood deck! Small, medium, or large, we specialize in making your yearly-pain wood deck a wonderful new living space that is low to no maintenance. We can also create a new design, or building an entirely new deck!


Please call us at 224.634.4345 to schedule a free estimate.


I hope this answered any questions you had about “composite wood”.



Wood Vs Composite Cost

Wood vs Composite Cost


In this post, I’m going to break down the difference in cost between wood material and composite material. In addition to showing the actual numbers, I will go in depth on why there is a difference in the first place.


Firstly, let’s go over the average numbers for the initial installation of the two types of decks. Consider the chart below:


To sum it up, the labor of the initial installation of a deck will be the same cost. The difference in cost is materials. The average board made of composite material will be up to 3-4 times as much as regular lumber.


Composite materials are made up of a mixture of plastic and wood, or pure plastic. These materials are built to last year over year in very cold climates. In addition, composite manufacturers like, Trex and Azek, warranty materials for 25 to 30 years. Trex’s top tier decking material, Transcend, is designed to look exactly like wood. In conclusion, if you live in a climate with hot summers and snowy winters, composite is the “only option.”


Now consider:


Based on a “$1200 every other year” budget, a wood deck will end up costing far more than a composite in the long run. Higher end wood material only makes the total investment higher. In addition, we haven’t considered the “enjoyment” factor during this period. Each year, a part of the wood deck looks worse. Each year, a new issue and a new headache.


Composite decking is built to last. The material Trex makes is made of a mix of wood and plastic. In addition, Trex coats its boards on 3 sides with a moisture-proof shell. This protects the board from snow and rain for decades. Any excess moisture is funneled to the remaining side.


Resale of wood vs composite deck has even more contrast. While a wood deck can get the same or higher return on investment than a composite deck, there is a catch. Like a new car, every day the deck will lose value.To sum it up, if the house does not sell immediately, the composite deck is the safer return on investment.


Other factors influence cost as well. Firstly, outdoor lighting can be added to stairs and flooring. Secondly, the total investment of resurfacing an existing wood deck is much less than building brand new framing and decking. Thirdly, different product lines have different features and different costs; Select and Transcend, for example. Fourthly, water irrigation and steel framing can both be addressed.


In conclusion, Platinum Decking is the only choice when considering the perfect custom outdoor living space. We are Barrington’s Trex Deck Experts. We service the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, as well as special requests in Illinois and Wisconsin. Please call for a free estimate: 224.634.4345

Does Trex Decking Get Hot?

Does Trex Decking Get Hot?


As with many products that stay in the marketplace for a long time, composite materials has seen its fair share of upgrades. When you searched for “deck builders near me,” in the 90s and early 2000s, it was common for them to install composite decks that became extremely uncomfortable to stand on when in direct sunlight.


However, design changes have solved the problem. Trex composite decking, for example, ran a study comparing how cedar and wood boards compared to a Trex board when all were exposed to direct sunlight. In an interesting twist, the Trex board of similar color was actually cooler to the touch than the wood board.

In general, choosing boards that are lighter in color will yield a “cooler” deck than one with darker-toned boards. Composite boards have evolved to be equally as receptive to higher temperatures as wood or cedar materials.

Is TimberTech Better Than Trex?

Is TimberTech Better Than Trex?


Chicago Deck Builder’s Big Question – What Brand?


A deck made of composite materials is the smarter investment if you live in the Midwest, or in a region with consistent and persistent rain or snow. The better question, then, is what brand of composite is best. The two major brands, Trex and TimberTech, both have advantages and disadvantages when comparing side by side.


Chicago Trex Decks – Scratch Away!


If scratch resistance is your biggest concern, there is no match for Trex Transcend. Transcend is Trex’s top tier decking material, and is covered by a 25-year scratch, fade and installation warranty. Trex’s lower lines, and all of TimberTech’s lines, are comparable in scratch resistance. TimberTech’s products are generally more expensive than Trex as well.


Great Looking Composite  Decks In Chicago


The deck’s visuals are also different when dealing with the two lines. TimberTech’s products are 100% PVC, so while the deck is weather-proof, it will have a completely plastic look. Trex’s products, specifically Transcend, is the most life-like, matching wood down to the grain.

Understand more about Trex Decking HERE

Do composite decks in Naperville warp?

Wood decks are notorious for deck maintenance and high annual deck repair cost. Wood decks often have boards shifting, warping, and rotting. This problem is especially prevalent in the Midwest, where moisture can cover the deck in the form of rain or snow for more than half the year. 

In general, composite decking is less susceptible to warping. However, it varies on the type of composite material used. For example, Azek deck boards are made of 100% PVC material where Trex and TimberTech are made of a composite material. Depending on climate and temperature changes, there are pros and cons to both.

However, composite is much more resistant than wood. If warping were to occur, it is likely due to improper installation, not the material itself. Composite boards should be installed with a ⅛” gap,

Trex decks increasing home value in Naperville IL

Adding a backyard deck to your home in Naperville can add value. If you are looking to sell your home or simply invest in your home, a composite deck is a great option.  In fact, adding a deck is one of the top 5 home improvements to add value to your house.

In addition, the deck is a great investment because it increases outdoor living space. Having more outdoor living space helps families in Naperville enjoy the Summer months Illinois has to offer.

Not to mention, local deck builders like Platinum Decking now install lights on decks. Therefore, giving homeowners the chance to enjoy their outdoor living space at night with their family or friends.

Naperville IL Home Values

Deck Building in Naperville IL – Permits 

Do I need a permit to build a deck in Naperville?

Yes, if you are in the Naperville or the Chicagoland area and looking to build a deck, you do need a permit. A permit is not required if a decking contractor is simply working on deck maintenance or repairs, but it is required if you are building from scratch or altering a structural component to the deck. It is important to make sure your deck is built to correct codes and standards.


What happens if you build a deck without a permit in Naperville?

Naperville and Chicagoland decks should always be built with a permit. If a Chicagoland or western suburb deck builder doesn’t use a permit, there can be serious consequences. Deck installers can receive fines and can be subject to tearing the deck down. Additionally, deck contractors can lose their licenses by not following state and federal regulations. 

Deck Builder Naperville - Permit
What is the best low-maintenance deck material?


In terms of low-maintenance decking material, composite is one of your best options. Composite decking is the replacement for a standard pressure treated wood deck. In addition, composite decking comes with warranties that range from 25 to 50 years. This warranty covers any fading or staining that was to happen over time. Homeowners prefer composite for many reasons, but mainly because it will look the same after 25 years, as it did on the day of install. 


Trex composite deck boards are made up of recycled plastic and wood fiber center, encased in an outer protective coating to prevent scratching and weathering. This synthetic blend will prevent your outdoor deck surface from needing much upkeep or maintenance aside from an annual power wash. Trex composite decking material reigns supreme and will provide a sophisticated element to your outdoor space. 

Trex Decking has 4 different decking lines. Each has its own benefit and price point. Check out more about Trex and Trex deck ideas here

trex-enhance- Naperville IL

Trex Enhance Basics is at a similar pricepoint as pressure-treated wood. This product does scratch like wood but does not need the annual maintenance cost.

Price point $

trex-enhance-naturals-Naperville Trex

Trex Enhance Naturals has a beautiful natural wood look.  With that said, it is not any more scratch-resistant than Trex Enhance

Price point $$



Trex Select is a stamped pattern but is more scratch-resistant than Trex Enhance

Price point $$


trex-transcend- havanna gold

Trex Transcend is the Cadillac of composite decking. It has the hardest composite cap,  is the most scratch-resistant, has the most natural look, all while being made from 95% recycled materials.

Price point $$$

Trex Deck Naperville IL
azek-timbertech deck
fiberon deck
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Local Naperville and St. Charles

Home Improvement Stores

With a Superior Trex deck installed by your local deck builder near me, you may be inspired to tackle some new back yard projects. Below area list of local home improvement stores to help make these projects a bit easier.

Platinum Decking is a Home Depot deck builder and Home Depot deck designer. Please visit your local Home Depot to learn more about Platinum Decking Naperville. 

Home Depot Naperville 

Home Depot Naperville IL

  • 2920 Audrey Ave Naperville, IL 60540
  • Main Number:(630) 637-9200
  • Tool & Truck Rental Number:(630) 637-6422

Home Depot Deck Designs Bolingbrook

  • 105 N Weber Rd Bolingbrook, IL 60490
  • Main:(630) 771-1109
  • Pro Desk:(630) 771-2404
  • Tool & Truck Rental:(630) 771-2410

Home Depot Deck Builder Woodridge

  • 7200 Woodward Ave Woodridge, IL 60517
  • Main:(630) 795-1950
  • Pro Desk:(630) 795-4404

Lowe’s In the Naperville area


Menards In the Naperville area

Long Grove 

  • Ph: 630-778-6710

Ace Hardware’s In the Naperville area

Ace Hardware Douglas

  • 1212 S Naper Blvd Ste 117 Naperville, IL 60540 
  • Phone: (630) 983-0200 

Ace Naperville

  • 5035 Ace Ln Naperville, IL 60564 
  • (630) 428-8147

For all your exterior painting and interior painting needs in Naperville, we highly recommend Improvvy Paintner Naperville. They do outstanding work for many of our Naperville customers. 

Top-Rated Deck Builder Naperville IL

As one of the industry leaders in the decking industry, Trex takes great pride in how their products are used and installed. Unlike a wood deck, that requires a lower level of skill to install, a Trex deck is very detailed and must be installed to the manufacturer specs. 

In an effort to help homeowners in the Naperville, St. Charles and DuPage County area find highly skilled deck builders and deck contractors, Trex created a platform to make this easy. Trex has created a 3-tier system to rank local deck builders. These three tiers of deck contractors are Trex Pro, Trex Pro Gold, and Trex Pro Platinum. 

Deck builders earn a higher status based on their quality of work done, customer reviews, and the number of Trex decks built. Trex personally comes out to inspect the quality of the deck that was built. 

Platinum Decking Naperville is a proud Trex Pro Platinum deck builder and contractor. Not only does this mean your deck will be built the right way, but there are also some added perks from Trex. 

Trex Pro Platinum Naperville

Platinum Decking Naperville is a proud Trex Pro Platinum deck builder and contractor. Not only does this mean your deck will be built the right way, but there are also some added perks from Trex. 

As a Trex Pro Platinum deck builder, Every deck built by Platinum Decking Naperville comes with an additional 10 year labor warranty directly through Trex. This 10 labor warranty has no additional charge to the customer and comes with every deck build. 

The 10 year labor warranty through Trex is in addition to the 25 year fade and stain warranty that comes standard with all Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance, or Trex Select deck boards.

Deck Snow Removal in Naperville, IL

 One of our least favorite parts of living in the Naperville, St. Charles and DuPage County areas is the harsh winters. These winters bring snow, freezing rain, and ice. No different than removing snow from your driveway, removing snow from your deck is also important.  

Leaving snow on your deck could cause long term structural issues due to the added weight and could also possibly affect the expansion and contraction of the deck boards.  

In order to play it safe, there are 3 recommended ways to remove the snow from your deck:

  • The easiest method is using rock salt or calcium chloride. This can simply be applied after it snows. There are two caveats to using rock salt that should be noted. Firstly, is making sure you use a pet-friendly product if you have pets also using the deck or will be near the area. The second is if you have an older Trex product line or pressure-treated wood, you need to rinse the deck off as soon as the snow melts and it warms up outside. Failure to rinse pressure-treated wood or an older Trex line such as Trex Accent could cause damage to your deck. 
  • Another method is using a traditional shovel to remove the snow. It is very important that a plastic shovel is used, not a metal shovel or plastic shovel with a metal blade on it. The wrong shovel will scratch your deck. We also recommend shoveling “with the grain” of the wood to reduce the likelihood of any scratches. 
  • Finally, using a leaf blower is an easy way to remove snow if it is a light or powdery snow. With heavier snow, the leaf blower may not be your best option. 
Deck snow removal

Do composite decks get hot in Naperville? 

Any surface that is exposed to direct sunlight can get hot. Wood and Trex products attract similar levels of heat. A good rule of thumb is the lighter the color material, the less heat it will absorb. The darker the material, the hotter the material can get. If deck heat is a major concern of yours, Platinum Decking recommends the infill of your deck is a lighter color and the picture frame being a darker color. That being said, Platinum Decking Naperville will bring color samples to show you different options and help you pick the color combination that is perfect for your preference and deck design.

Our team at Platinum Decking Naperville would like to thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. We look forward to building your new Trex low maintenance composite deck.

If you have an interest in Interior work, please visit one of our recommended companies here.

Deck builder Naperville IL

Deck Builders Dupage County 

Platinum Decking Naperville also services many areas outside of just Naperville. Your local deck builder services All the Western and Northern suburbs.

Platinum Decking- Deck builder near me

At Platinum Decking Naperville we have a people FIRST mindset. We are always looking for motivated individuals with deck-building experience to help us deliver the best composite deck possible. We are hiring employees in the greater Naperville area. 

 Platinum Decking Naperville is your local deck for the Chicago suburbs!

Below are a list of general areas Platinum Decking Naperville services

  • Naperville 
  • Bolingbrook
  • Aurora
  • St. Charles
  • Wheaton
  • West Chicago
  • Downers Grove 
  • Hinsdale 
  • Schaumburg
  • Barrington, Lake Barrington, Barrington Hills, Port Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington
  • Inverness
  • Lake Zurich
  • Cary
  • Fox River Grove
  • Arlington Heights
  • Wauconda
  • Hawthorn Woods
  • Long Grove
  • Buffalo Grove
  • Palatine
  • Hoffman Estates
  • Mundelein