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Trex Composite decking is low-maintenance and does not require any painting or staining


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Our team will help you customize your new composite deck step by step and design 3D renderings for no additional charge!


Deck Builders Kenosha WI

Our superior quality and craftsmanship has earned us the elite tile of being a Trex Pro Platinum Installer

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Deck Builders Racine WI | Deck Builders Kenosha WI


Platinum decking Racine|Kenosha specializes in high-end custom composite decks in the Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Racine areas.

As the premier Trex and composite deck builder in Kenosha County, we understand what it takes to deliver quality work and carpentry to each and every one of our customers.

In addition to being one of the most elite Trex Pro Platinum deck stallers in Kenosha and Racine, Wisconsin, and Illinois, we also won the best deck in North America between 500-1000 square feet in 2020! We are excited to repeat this award in 2021 with your new deck!

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5 Star customer reviews

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At Platinum Decking Racine|Kenosha, we believe in giving our customers a 5-Star Platinum experience from the beginning of our sales process to the completion of your new deck. We have completed over 500 projects and because of our focus on customer service, we have earned the title of a Trex Pro Platinum deck installer.

As a local deck contractor in Kenosha WI and Racine WI, we service homeowners who also live in Pleasant Prairie WI, Somers WI, Burlington WI, Mt. Pleasant WI, Caledonia WI, and South Milwaukee. If you are a homeowner looking for a new deck or deck design in Lake Country, Please visit our Oconomowoc site Here for assistance.  If you are a homeowner looking for a new deck South of the Illinois border, you visit our Illinois decking crews by visiting our Libertyville or Barrington Locations.


Composite Decking- Racine WI- Kenosha WI

Composite decking over the past 10 years has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States and specifically in states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois. Areas where homeowners want to enjoy a beautiful outdoor living space in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, but also have to battle harsh winters. Harsh winters very touch on any exterior part of your home and in particular wood decks. One of the many benefits of a composite deck is its ability to withstand the harsh winters while maintaining its beauty for 25-50 years!

Like any product that is very low maintenance and comes standard with a 25 to 50-year warranty, they generally come with a larger price tag upfront. With that in mind, over the lifetime of having your composite deck, you will save tens of thousands of dollars on annual maintenance costs such as painting or staining. The most significant cost savings actually comes by not having to replace your wood deck once, twice or even three times in that same 25 to 50-year window that a composite deck will last. A Trex composite deck even with areas such a Racine WI and Kenosha WI with harsh winters, will save you a huge chunk of change over the lifetime of your deck.


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Features of a Trex / TimberTech Composite Decks

When living in Kenosha or Racine areas, having the outdoor living space of your dreams enables you to truly enjoy time with friends and family. A new deck built with Trex Decking or composite decking allows you to truly customize your outdoor living space to what you want. Below is a list of just a few of the most popular features of a new deck build by Platinum Decking in Racine and Kenosha.

Deck Lighting

At Platinum Decking Kenosha|Racine, our goal is to give you a “Ritz-Carlton” ambiance by simply walking our your backdoor. With our Signature deck lighting packages, we offer a variety of different options that will completely transform your normal wood deck into a high-end masterpiece.

We offer Trex Downlights, Cap lights, Stair riser lights, and recessed lighting. Each light has its own different purpose and function. Here is a quick breakdown. Find more on Trex products by checking more Trex Deck Ideas.

  • Trex deck downlights- Downlights are fastened to the side of your railing posts. These lights offer the most light and shine down to illuminate your deck flooring. If you are looking for more light and less ambiance, they could be a great option for you. 

  • Trex deck post cap lights- These lights are installed on the top of each railing post. They have an LED light on all four sides of the post cap. This not only adds an incredible ambiance while sitting on your new deck but also look incredible when in the back yard looking at the deck. These post cap lights are not as bright as a downlight, but add much more of the “Ritz-Carlton” ambiance many are looking for. 

  • Trex stair riser light- Stair riser lights are installed on each stair riser. These not only add a beautiful ambiance but also add a safety component to your new deck. Oftentimes at night, it can be challenging to find your footing when walking up or down the stairs. These lights will illuminate each step ensuring you know where each step is. 

  • Trex recessed lighting- Recessed lighting is a light that is embedded in the deck board that shines upward. These are great if you want to highlight the perimeter of your deck or to create a walkway on your deck. 

At Platinum Decking, we offer many different lighting packages and combinations. Please check out our Gallary to not only see our craftsmanship but inspire some ideas for your new deck!

Trex pool deck lighting
Deck Warranty

At Platinum Decking, we understand our craftsmanship is our brand. Whether you are having a smaller less complicated deck installed or a larger more complicated pool deck installed, our goal is to make it the top deck in Southeast Wisconsin! Each one of our Trex composite decks comes with a standard 25-year material warranty and a 10-year labor warranty. We believe it is important to stand behind all the new decks we build in Southeast Wisconsin and surrounding areas!

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Deck Builder Racine WI

Our production team of highly experienced Foremen, Crew Cheifs, Crew Leads, Senior Deck Builders, and Deck Builders are excited to start your new deck in Racine WI, Kenosha WI, and Southeast Wisconsin!

Our professional sales team who are based out of Kenosha WI will help you customize your new deck from start to finish. We take pride in making your experience easy and exciting!

In addition to getting you a quick quote, we will draft 3D renderings of your project to better help you visualize your new deck to help get the perfect design.

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Why Choose Composite Decking over a wood deck?


Wood Decks for many years was the norm. Wood decks do create a nice outdoor living space but do not come without their drawbacks. There are a  handful of significant drawbacks with the traditional wood deck. 

The first major drawback with a wood deck is having to do annual maintenance and deck repair. Deck maintenance such as painting or staining your deck takes hours and thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, in order to properly maintain your wood deck, a new coat of paint or stain should be applied every 2-3 years. Failing to paint or stain your wood deck every 2-3 years can lead to structural wood damage, rotting of deck boards, and splinters from splitting deck boards. Once your deck begins to rot, deck repair is needed with can be costly, and often times handymen can be challenging to find and larger general contractors do not offer smaller deck repair jobs.

The Second challenge with a wood deck vs a composite deck such as Trex, is how long the deck will remain safe. A wood deck will last anywhere between 10-30 years depending on how well the deck was maintained and what type of pressure-treated lumber was used to construct the deck. Since many decks were built with cheaper lumber and not properly stained or pained every other year, the life span of a wood deck is very unpredictable. Many wood decks do not last more than 15 years since they are rarely maintained properly. 

Finally, wood decks do not have the home improvement resale value that a Trex or composite deck has. Often times a traditional wood deck is perceived as a burden and liability due to all the annual maintenance and cost, they require. A new Trex deck or composite deck is a selling point that adds value to your home and creates a beautiful outdoor living space. A beautiful outdoor living space such as a Trex deck in Kenosha or Racine, allows you to enjoy the beautiful months in Wisconsin outside at the comfort of your home.

Client Testimonials

Deck Builders Kenosha WI

Can’t say enough great things about Platinum Decking. Responsive, professional and courteous. Always willing to go the extra mile for the customer. The final deck looks awesome and we will enjoy for years to come.


Deck Builders Racine WI

Platinum Decking came very highly recommended from a friend. They were spot on! Justyn, Tyler, and Tristin did amazing work. The team, lead by Justyn, were able to do a full deck teardown and rebuild very quickly.They were so great to work with – The team was so open and receptive to questions and were quick to implement minor modification requests.

10/10 would have Platinum Decking build my deck again!


Deck Builders Kenosha WI

I wanted to post a brief review of Platinum Decking. The whole team was exceptional. Cristina and Kyle handled the estimate and project design. Justyn and Clay handled the demo and superb rebuild. Extremely hard workers. Very courteous and professional. Highly recommend them.


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