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Why Platinum Decking and Patios

When it comes to choosing the right company to build your dream outdoor space, look no further than Platinum Decking and Patios. From the first call, Platinum will show you why we are head and shoulders above even our best competitors. 

To start, when you contact us for an estimate, you can expect a call back within 24 hours (or 48 hours on weekends). We make sure that we are communicating quickly and effectively, right from the beginning. For your estimate, our sales rep will come out to be as comprehensive and helpful and possible. He or she will bring out color samples and brochures to help you visualize what your project will look like. We are always happy to answer as many questions as you have, and our main goal is to educate you on the products so we can all come to the best decisions when it comes to your project’s details. 

After your estimate is over, your sales rep will get to work on crafting your project’s proposal. In many cases, especially when dealing with patio projects, your sales rep will put together a 3-D image to help bring your project to life. Along with an outline and/or 3-D image, your sales rep will put together the proposal detailing out everything we will be doing to build your project the right way. Our team is very diligent, and aim to get your proposal out as soon as possible after the estimate has been completed.

During each estimate, a member of our design team will ask a variety of questions to better understand the short and long-term landscaping goals for space, as well as uncover the design preferences of each customer. While gathering this information is critical, Platinum Patio & Pavers also works to integrate a variety of best-in-class design techniques to maximize the functionality and long-term return on investment for the new outdoor living space. With this information in hand, our design specialist will recommend a shortlist of materials and guide each customer through the selection process, always focusing on maximizing the value that each customer will get out of the new project.

There are many landscaping companies that can build a simple patio, but it truly takes a company that specializes in hardscape design, to ensure the new outdoor living space can maximize your enjoyment for years to come.

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Becoming a deck or patio client

Once you reserve a spot in our production calendar, our sales rep will keep you updated on the schedule and reach out to schedule the design consultation. At Platinum Decking and Patios, we make sure that our production team sees the project well before the first day of production, unlike many companies. At the design consultation, we will finalize your color selection as well as your design choices to make 100% sure you are in love with the project we are about to build. If you couldn’t tell, we take communication very seriously!

During the project, our expert crews will both build you an amazing project, as well as keep you up to date throughout. The crews working on decks ONLY build decks, and they do it year-round; the same for our patio crews when it comes to patios. Rest assured, the crew working on your project has built 30-40 decks or patios in the past year alone, and are complete experts when it comes to construction. 


Learn more about Patio products and Cabana X Below:

Unilock Products | Belgard ProductsCabana X

Platinum Decking and Patios’ care does not end when the job is completed, however. We will register your material warranty, as well as make sure each finishing touch on the job is up to your standards. If any of your materials falls under a warranty claim, don’t worry about contacting a gigantic company – just call your sales rep, and Platinum will make a plan to come out and address the issue quickly.

We recommend that our customers clean their patios once a year with a mild, plant-safe detergent. This will help remove any dirt or debris that has built up across the surface throughout the year and will help keep your patio looking new for many decades to come. For this process, we recommend using a simple hose with a nozzle attachment, rather than a pressure washer (which if used incorrectly, can actually damage paver stones).

Check out our decking gallery HERE and our patio gallery HERE


A Platinum Experience

From start to finish, Platinum Decking will communicate and take care of you better than anyone. Our outstanding sales team will help steer your project in the right direction, and help you really visualize what you’ll be getting. What’s more, each one of our building crews has completed as many projects as many of our competitors have in the past year. The builders have trusted experts and know how to do even the most difficult jobs right. When you call the best, Platinum Decking and Patios, you won’t have to worry about the rest!

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Platinum Decking and Patio

Our estimate process in St. Charles, Batavia, Geneva, and Campton Hills

Our estimate process is designed to provide each homeowner with a custom bid that fits their needs. Our goal is to educate and provide the best options for your outdoor living space! 


Scheduling a decking or patio estimate

If you want a beautiful composite deck or paver patio, look no further than Platinum Decking and Patios. Our process of getting an estimate for a composite deck or paver patio is simple, easy – and we come to you! There are a few ways you can contact us to get a free estimate. First, you can call Platinum Decking and Patios at 224-634-4345. Our friendly office staff will ask you questions about the project, and then get you scheduled for one of our excellent sales team members to come out. Alternatively, you can contact us via our website at There will be a “Get a Free Quote” that you can fill out, and our office staff will contact you shortly after. Don’t wait – the sooner we can come out for an estimate, the sooner we can install the outdoor living space you’ve been waiting for!


All estimates are free of charge

At Platinum Decking and Patios, our expert sales team has intimate knowledge of every product and service we offer. On the day of the estimate, one of our sales team will come out to meet you. When we get there, we’ll bring samples of products and help educate you on what makes the most sense for your project. Additionally, each member of our sales team has designed over 100+ decks and patios. We will help you find the exact design and materials that will maximize your budget, and enjoyment!


The deck / patio proposal

Once we have come out, met you, and confirmed the project’s ideal design and materials, our sales rep will get to work on your proposal. These proposals will include the scope of the work, the materials being used and, in some instances, a 3-D rendering to help bring your project to life! We do our best to  get your proposal out within a day or two of meeting you, so the process is quick and concise. Once you receive the proposal, let us know what you think! There is always an opportunity to change the materials and adjust the design.


Saving Your Spot

Our sales team, and your individual sales rep, is available to answer your questions, and make adjustments as necessary. If you are ready to move forward and save your spot in our schedule, Platinum Decking and Patios is excited to work with you! We require a 20% deposit to save your spot. We don’t require another payment until we are ready to get your project ready! Platinum Decking and Patios produces based on the order we receive client deposits. With hundreds of 5-star ratings and countless amazing projects built, we fill up our schedule usually a season in advance. If you are concerned with getting your project done in a specific time frame, move quickly!


Design Consultation

When we are 2-4 weeks away from starting your project, your sales representative will reach out to you to schedule a design consultation. At the design consultation, the sales rep and a production manager will come out to your house. Once there, we will finalize your colors, as well as finalize your project’s design. At this time, we will be able to give you a more precise window of when we are starting the project, as well.

Platinum Decking building process

Trex Deck | TimberTech Deck | AZEK Deck

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The Deck Footings

The first step when Platinum Decking is building your dream deck is installing the footings and the frame. When it comes to footings, Platinum Decking will install traditional concrete footings or use diamond pier footings. Once the piers or footings are inspected, we begin to build your frame. Your deck is secured both on the inside and outside, meaning it is anchored to the house on the inside and by the footings on the outside.

Visit Unilock for many different patio ideas! 


The Deck Frame

Your new decks’ frame will always be made out of pressure-treated lumber – usually, southern pine grades 1 or 2. This is because building code requires deck frames to be built out of this type of material. We will attach a beam to your footings, as well as attach your ledger board to the beam using framing joists. Our frames always meet building and village code, and we handle the framing inspection with the village as well.


Composite Decking/ PVC Decking

Platinum Decking will always install your decking per the installation guide of whatever product we’re building with. We build with Trex, Azek and TimberTech decking products. All of our decking will be secured with hidden fasteners and/or color-matching screws, to ensure that your deck looks as clean and seamless as possible. We will “picture-frame” on the outsides of your deck, so that each side has a finished look. We use a full decking board to picture-frame your project. For all of the decking we work with, the boards come in 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths. In the event your deck spans longer than 20’, we will never install decking where a board end meets another board’s end – this will void your material warranty. Instead, we will separate the boards with a “breaker board,” a decking board that runs perpendicular to the rest of your decking.


Composite or Aluminum Deck Railing

As with our decking, Platinum Decking carries railing from Trex, Azek and TimberTech – as well as a few outside manufacturers, like Westbury. As with our decking, we will install your railing so that every small detail is paid attention to, and each section of railing is equal on each side. During our design consultation, we will bring out samples of decking, railing and/or patio pavers to give you the best idea of what railing works with what decking/pavers.


Trex/ TimberTech Deck Features

One of the most exciting things about having a composite deck is the number of ways to make it stand out. The most commonly-added feature is deck lighting. Our lighting is all low-voltage and pre-wired, meaning you will not see any wiring while you are enjoying your deck. All of our lighting options feature Cree LED lighting that lasts a very long time and shines a very functional, bright light. Another common feature is butyl joist tape. This thick tape is usually used on “resurface” projects, where we keep the existing frame, but just replace the decking and railing. We’ll cover your existing frame with joist tape to ensure the previous nail or screw holes are covered, and the frame lasts as long as your new composite decking. At your design consultation, your sales rep will ask if you want any features like these, and more!

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Deck Builder and Patio Installer 

Does Platinum Decking do repair work?

We do repair work and offer a 10-year labor warranty on decks we have built. As for repair work on other contractors’ work, we follow very specific guidelines on how we build according to manufacturer specifications and can not promise that other companies have built to the same standards.  However, we do offer a full resurface if you want all deck boards and railings replaced, as opposed to a build from scratch.

Will Platinum Decking offer me a new wood decking surface?

As far as deck boards, we are a composite-only company, offering Trex and Timbertech composite. However, one misconception people have, the deck frame is still pressure-treated lumber that is exterior grade, specifically made for outdoor use.

    What makes Trex and Timbertech composite different than traditional wooden decking material?

    The great thing about composite decking is the durability and hassle-free maintenance required to maintain a beautiful-looking composite deck. Unlike traditional wooden decking, Trex and Timbertech composite does not require regular staining, painting, or repairs! Simply power wash once a season and enjoy your beautiful Trex or Timbertech composite deck for years to come!

    Does Platinum Decking and Patio handle permits and inspections?
    • Yes! Our General Managers are extremally well versed in the process of pulling permits and overseeing inspections.

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