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We are a landscape patio installer and more!

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Patio Landscaping Construction

We specialize in building outdoor living spaces such as paver patios and stone walkways. We do not do lawn service.


Brick Driveway and Paver Driveway

With our high-quality paver stones and landscape drive grid system, we are able to build brick or paver driveways that last decads without settling.


Outdoor Kitchen

There are a variety of different outdoor kitchen options we install. We are able to customize the outdoor kitchen design to your specific patio project.


Outdoor Fire pit

We install both gas and wood-burning fire pits.

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Landscapers Barrington IL

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Platinum Patio and Pavers specializes in building and installing stone patios. Platinum is a family-owned and operated hardscape patio builder based in the Chicagoland area. We pride ourselves in transforming backyards into beautiful outdoor living spaces that are tailored to meet all of our customer’s needs. The owners live in Naperville and Barrington and pride themselves on treating every customer as if they were thier next door neighbor.

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Many landscape companies try to be a jack of all trades. They provide lawn care, mulch, hardscapes, mowing, general landscaping, and install stone pavers. At Platinum Patio and Pavers, we believe the key to perfection is specializing in one area and mastering your craft. As the premier landscaping company in Barrington and Palatine, we specialize in building stone patios, brick patios, outdoor fire pits, outdoor kitchens, seating walls, outdoor lighting, brick driveways, and stone driveways. We do not provide any lawn care or lawn clean-up.

Benefits of working with:

Landscapers Barrington IL

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5-Star Customer Service Rating

Platinum Patio and Pavers has a 5-star customer service track record. Our brand is built behind delivering a platinum experience to each of our customers!


Lifetime Product Warranties

All of our Unilock and Belgard pavers come with a lifetime warranty 


Skilled Patio Landscapers

Our company culture at Platinum Patio is centered around ONE GOAL: provide a Platinum product and overall experience for all of our customers. Our Patio landscapers focus on every little detail and take tremendous pride in each project.

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Learn about what Unilock and Belgard have to offer in addition to Cabana X Pergolas.

Unilock Products | Belgard ProductsCabana X

What Makes A Platinum Patio in Barrington IL, Palatine IL, and surrounding areas?

Platinum Patio & Pavers is among a small group of top-tier landscapers located in Barrington IL – Palatine IL.  We leverage permeable base designs, use only the highest quality materials from Unilock and Belgard, and install all of our pavers with Perma Edge Paver Restraint to ensure that our outdoor living spaces are low maintenance, extremely durable, and long-lasting. The installation process is critical to the long-term durability of a project, and at Platinum Patio & Pavers we pride ourselves on delivering quality over quantity. When installed correctly, a paver patio should last for many decades without requiring any significant maintenance from the homeowner.

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Your Patio Landscape Construction Starts Here!

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The beginning of your landscaping project in Barrington or Palatine can be made easy with Platinum Patio and Pavers. Everything starts by requesting a quote HERE or simply giving us a call. Since we are a local business based out of Barrington and Palatine, we will promptly give you a call to schedule a time for an estimate.

At the estimate, our goal is to first understand your outdoor living space and what your goals are for the area. Questions such as do you want a fire pit? Are you interested in an outdoor kitchen? Or maybe you are looking for a simple stone patio to enjoy more time with loved ones outside. Whatever your goals are, we will help put together a proposal that is focused on what your vision is, not ours.

Once we understand the vision for your new outdoor living space, we will put together a 3D rendering of the hardscape area to help you better visualize what your new paver patio will look like. From there, we will make as many changes as you would like until we have the perfect landscape construction plan!

Patio/Paver permits are required in both Barrington and Palatine, in addition to the surrounding areas we service such as Lake Zurich, Kildeer, Deer Park, Arlington Heights, Inverness, Wauconda, and Hawthorn Woods. As part of your Platinum customer service experience, we will take on the permit process for you. We have great relationships with the City of Barrington, the City of Palatine, and all the surrounding areas.

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Custom Landscaping Barrington IL – Patio Designs

Adding a new paver patio to your home is a great low-maintenance option for expanding your outdoor living space. There are many landscapers in the Barrington area that build a few patios each year, but our crews at Platinum Patio & Pavers are unique in that they specialize in building patios every day of the year. By focusing only on hardscaping projects, our crews easily outperform other Barrington landscapers and ensure that our patio projects are built to last decades.

Homes in the Barrington area typically require custom patio designs in order to maximize the functionality of the unique outdoor living spaces. Our designers and crews have worked in the Barrington area for decades, and are experts at creating a truly custom “Barrington Patio”. At Platinum Patio & Pavers we offer a free patio design service and always include a 3D rendering of the project (along with each estimate). We spend extra time with our clients on the front end of any hardscaping project, often going through multiple design iterations in order to ensure complete client satisfaction.

During the estimate process, our expert designers will ask a variety of questions to gain a better understanding of each customer’s unique design preferences, while also uncovering a list of short and long-term goals for the landscaping project. Once we have gained a better understanding of the overall priorities for a patio project, our designers will incorporate a variety of best-in-class design techniques to truly take the project to the next level. Platinum Patio & Pavers always focus on maximizing the functionality and long-term ROI for any hardscaping project that we install. 

There are many landscapers in the Barrington area that can build you a traditional patio that may look good for a few years, but it takes a hardscaping specialist to design and build a patio that will look great for decades to come!

Patio Materials That Increase Durability & Reduce Maintenance

Our design team will simplify the materials selection process based on your design preferences, but will always focus on recommending products that increase durability, reduce maintenance and maximize the value for your new paver patio.

At Platinum Patio & Pavers we specialize in using only the best materials from Unilock & Belgard, which we have found to be the Gold Standard for pavers installed in the Midwest. Both Unilock and Belgard manufacture pavers with a new “face mix” technology (simply put, a very thick top layer of color) that is 4x – 6x the strength of poured concrete. By using these premium “face mix” paver products, we can ensure that all patios that we install will retain their color through the harsh swings of Midwestern summers and winters.

At Platinum Patio & Pavers we also specialize in using larger format / modern paver designs, as they help further reduce any required patio maintenance. The larger pavers that we install weigh significantly more than the traditional tiny brick pavers (that many other Barrington landscapers still use). We have found that the increased weight of the larger format pavers helps eliminate paver shifting over time, and are much easier to clean with a hose or a broom (due to a smaller number of cracks on the patio surface).

Here is a list of some of the favorite paver products that we install:

  • Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone
  • Unilock Beacon Hill Smooth
  • Unilock Treo Smooth (Can Be Made Permeable)
  • Unilock Bristol Valley
  • Unilock Umbriano
  • Belgard Dimensions
  • Belgard Origins

Unilock BeaconHill Flagstone- Bavarian Blend


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We Go Above & Beyond With Our Approach to Water Maintenance

Historically, Barrington Landscapers have built their patio bases out of ‘dirty’ CA-6 gravel with an inch of sand bedding over the top. Extensive research over the past 20 years has experts now convinced that this traditional method for building a patio base retains too much water and drastically affects the longevity of a project, especially in a freeze/thaw cycle. Unilock, Belgard, and industry professionals now all recommend that Midwestern patio projects should use an open-grade base design that leverages ‘clear’ CA-7 gravel with an inch of CA-16 ‘chips’ over the top. This base design was traditionally reserved only for ‘permeable’ paver installations but has been proven to add tremendous benefits to ‘non-permeable’ installations as well. Unfortunately, many contractors and landscapers are not willing to adapt to these new methods and are still building their bases with outdated techniques. 

From our beginning, Platinum Patio & Pavers has made it a priority to maximize the longevity of any project we work on by doing the little things right. Our extreme focus on water maintenance practices, open-grade base designs, and a focus on proper base compaction ensures that our customers can enjoy their new outdoor living spaces for many decades into the future. We take pride in putting extra effort into the base, even though the majority of customers will not fully appreciate the impact that this effort will have until many years down the road.

Advantages Of Using An Open-Grade ‘Permeable’ Base Design:

The materials used in our bases yield better drainage performance, while still providing sufficient load-bearing capacity. Research has shown that open-grade based designs have the following advantages:

  • The base is free draining, which eliminates water sitting just below the surface of the paver, which further prevents freezing and shifting beneath the pavers
  • The clear gravel stone makes it hard for roots to thrive and helps reduce weed growth
  • The stone bedding layer is ideal for raised steps & patios because it eliminates sand washout
  • These base materials can be installed during inclement weather, which helps keep projects on schedule
We Prioritize Innovation & Install Perma Edge Paver Restraint

For decades contractors and landscapers have worked tirelessly to cut and place their pavers to perfection, only to use a standard plastic edge landscaping restraint that was destined to fail. Many in the industry recognize that plastic edging tends to be the weakest link in the chain, but continue to use this method due to their inability to adapt to change. At Platinum Patio & Pavers, we quickly adapt to innovation and have switched to using a new technology called Perma Edge Paver Restraint to further maximize the longevity of our projects.

Perma Edge was invented by landscapers who were frustrated by paver edge separation and failure. Perma Edge is a mortar-like product that is 700% more flexible than concrete and 40% more permeable. Perma Edge will float and flex with the sub-base, making it the ideal edging to withstand the Midwestern freeze/thaw cycle. Bottom line, no more failed edges.

Advantages Of Using Perma Edge Paver Restraint


It’s not all about Strength. It’s not all about Flexibility. It’s not all about Permeability. The perfect combination of the three (strength, flexibility and permeability) is what makes Perma Paver Edging the best choice in paver edge restraints:


  • Perma Paver Edging is designed to float and flex with the sub-base and not work independently like standard edging and spikes.
  • A proprietary blend of additives creates a permeable edge that is designed to let water and moisture flow through and not bust in freezing conditions.
  • Perma Paver Edging reduces the chance of separation if cracking occurs (using a special blend of poly fibers)
  • Non-porous aggregates help alleviate any moisture contained in the edge.
We Future Proof Your Long-Term Outdoor Living Goals

Some of our customers have long-term goals of fully transforming their outdoor living spaces into a resort-like setting, but they may not have the necessary budget to obtain all of their dream features in a single phase of work. At Platinum Patio & Pavers, we work within a customer”s budget to plan out a phased approach towards achieving these long-term goals. It is nearly impossible to add on a fire pit or outdoor kitchen without first properly planning for these features in the initial design, and we often install the necessary trenched gas or electrical lines while building the patio base to ensure these features can be easily added at a later date. Through our transparent pricing and forward-thinking phased approach, we can work hand in hand with our customers to ensure their long term landscaping goals can be achieved. At the end of the day, our focus is to build long term relationships with our customers so that they only look to us for their future outdoor living needs.

What Further Sets Us Apart?

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Specialization – There are many great companies in the construction space that build a few hardscape projects each year, but there are only a few companies with crews that exclusively specialize in patios and pavers. With everyone at Platinum Patio & Pavers building and selling these projects 365 days a year, we have achieved a level of experience that truly sets us apart.

Materials Quality, Pricing, and Availability –  Platinum Patio & Pavers works with the best suppliers, which means everything we get is better. When you work with Platinum, you can be assured that all materials – from the gravel subbase to the Paver – will be the best quality you can get. In addition, materials on a patio make up about 30% – 40% of the price, so being one of the largest hardscape companies in the nation passes additional material savings on to you.

Manufacturer Relationship – Our relationships with Unilock and Belgard enable us to have all our employees professionally trained through their product-specific programs. You will find that our salespeople are knowledgeable about a variety of different materials. In addition, we are able to service our customers with additional resources available exclusively to a manufacturer’s top contractors.

Our Builders –  At Platinum, we treat our builders like family and spend a significant amount of time each year ensuring that they are trained on the latest innovation and best standards in the industry. We are very proud that the majority of our project reviews refer to our builders by name – showing just how truly incredible our crews are.

Customer Service –  Contracting is an industry not typically known for customer service. Platinum Patio & Pavers not only puts its customers first, but makes the entire process start to finish as enjoyable as your brand-new outdoor living space! Please check out our reviews on Google, Yelp and more and see firsthand what our past customers thought of their experience with us! What’s more, Platinum Patio & Pavers has nearly twice as many 5-star reviews as any other Patio builder. Please check us out on Google, Houzz, Yelp, and more!

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