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Unilock Pavers

Unilock is the industry leader in outdoor pavers, flagstone, their famous Brussels Block, and many more. With 100’s of different paver and patio options, Platinum Pati’s can help you find the perfect fit for your new home project! 

Stamped Concrete

A new stamped concrete patio in Naperville of a surrounding Chicago suburb may be the perfect addition to your backyard and outdoor living space. Stamped concrete patios are low maintenance and can make your backyard feel like a luxury resort!

Stone Driveways

Stone driveways can completely transform the feel when pulling up to your house. Stone driveways add an element of design, elegance, and beauty to any front yard. Turn your driveway into some special!

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Unilock Pavers- Unilock Installer

Platinum Patios and Pavers of Naperville


Naperville Patio Estimate Process

The first step of our estimation process is to better understand each customer’s overall vision for the outdoor space of their dreams. Once we have established the direction of the project (a re-design, a resurface or a new design from scratch), we work to gather the necessary design measurements to make sure the space takes full advantage of the home/backyard canvas. Lastly, we will work hand in hand with our customers to review and select the desired design elements (hardscape options, laying patterns, bonus features, etc…) as well as make sure the completed design works within each customer’s budget.


What makes a Platinum Patio?

We only use top tier materials from industry-leading brands such as Unilock and Belgard. Our outdoor living spaces are designed to be low maintenance, durable, and long-lasting. The installation process is critical to the long term durability, and at Platinum, we pride ourselves on delivering quality over quantity. When installed correctly, a paver patio should last for many decades without requiring any significant maintenance from the homeowner. Today’s modern pavers are scientifically manufactured to produce wear-resistant surfaces that prevent fading over time. The industry has transformed and we are no longer building your grandma’s plain concrete patios.


Why Build a New Patio?

Patios help contribute to the quality of life for a homeowner. Patios are a great way to extend the living area of your home while providing an excellent space to entertain and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Patios can also offer you a quiet, calm area to get away from the world to relax or to read a book. Patios help increase the overall appeal and value of your home and can help draw in potential buyers who appreciate the sheer beauty of your home’s outdoor living space. Paver patios have the lowest possible lifetime cost of maintenance for any outdoor living area. Patios offer an affordable way to increase the living space of the home without the expense of a full home renovation.

Visit Unilock for many different patio ideas! 


Proud Naperville Patio Builder

Platinum prides itself on providing outstanding customer service while working hand in hand with our customers to design a custom outdoor living space that can be enjoyed for many years. Our goal is to make every customer’s backyard the envy of anyone who sees it! Modern materials have taken patio design to a whole new level. These revolutionary materials are available in a variety of colors, patterns, textures or styles so that a completed project can resemble anything from marble to granite, to even wood.


What makes a great patio?

Patios invite us to spend more time outdoors and allow us to reconnect with our friends and family. Outdoor living spaces are an excellent option for entertaining and dining outdoors. Invite friends over to enjoy a summer barbeque, sit by the fire pit, and roast some marshmallows.

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Platinum Patio owner- Naperville IL

About Us

Platinum is a family-owned and operated hardscape patio builder based in the Chicagoland area. We pride ourselves in transforming backyards into beautiful outdoor living spaces that are tailored to meet all of our customer’s needs. The owner lives in Naperville and prides himself with treating every customer as if they were his next-door neighbor.

Patio Builder Near Me

Platinum Patios and Pavers is your local patio builder and excited to earn your business in the Naperville and surrounding Chicago Suburbs! 

Unilock Color Fossil paver

Patio and Paver Building Process

Our team works hard to understand the specific goals of our customers before designing a customized outdoor living space to meet the needs of each project. Outdoor living spaces are a highly customizable yard feature, with materials available in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. We specialize in designing and installing patios, entrances, and walkways, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, retaining walls, driveways, outdoor lighting, pergolas, and more.


Landscaping Naperville

A patio is the key to your Landscaping

A well-designed patio is truly the cornerstone of a home, helping create a flow between the interior and exterior living spaces.

Why Landscaping Matters

In the modern world, prospective homebuyers often value the exterior living space as much as the interior living space when deciding on a home.

Naperville Landscaping and Patios- A good investment?

Patios are a great investment, in that they are extremely low maintenance, can stand up to the test of time, and will add significant value and appeal to prospective home buyers.

Naperville- Landscaping

Platinum Pavers and Patios Naperville- FAQ’s

  • How long to pavers last?

    Modern concrete pavers are designed to last a lifetime (100+ years). If the event that a paving stone (or a group of paving stones) cracks or breaks, it can be easily be removed and replaced with a new paving stone. With limited maintenance, paver patios can be enjoyed by your family through many future generations.

  • What are pavers made of?

    Concrete pavers, clay pavers, porcelain pavers, cultured stone, natural stone (bluestone, limestone, sandstone, flagstone), permeable pavers, as well as stamped concrete.

  • How do I clean my pavers?

    Paver patios are extremely low maintenance, but it is important to keep your hardscape clean to ensure the same stunning look from when the patio was first installed. The first step to clean your patio is to use a high-pressure hose to spray down the surface in order to remove the dust and dirt that has collected over time (Note: You may use a pressure washer for this step, but you must be careful not to use too much water pressure with could damage your patio or remove polymeric sand from the paver joints). Next, you can use soap and water (or Simple Green) along with a push broom to scrub the surface lightly (as needed). Lastly, rinse off the entire surface with the hose and allow it to dry.

  • Do I need to seal my pavers?

    One of the last steps of a patio installation is to sweep sand across the surface to seal all paver joints. Depending on the type of paver that was used, we often use a Polymeric Jointing Sand for this step, which hardens when wet and prevents weed growth. In addition, pavers can be sealed using a topical or penetrating sealant. Sealing the patio is not always required (depending on the materials used in the project), but it can help reduce any maintenance required to keep the surface clean.

Paver Walk way- Naperville
Naperville- Backyard- Stone- Patio

If you are interested in a composite deck, Platinum Patio and Pavers is a sister company to Platinum Decking. Depending on your location, please visit any of our below locations. 

Platinum Decking Naperville  | Platinum Decking Barrington | Platinum Decking Libertyville | Platinum Decking Palatine | Platinum Decking Lake Geneva 

Protecting your patio against Naperville winters!

The easiest way to protect your patio is to make sure the surface is clean. The longer harmful substances sit on a patio’s surface, the more damage could occur. When removing snow from the surface, please avoid using a metal shovel to reduce the chance of scraping the stones.

Can I put salt on my pavers to melt the ice?

Winters can get pretty bad in Naperville and salt is often used to melt snow or ice. It is NOT recommended to use salt on a paver patio because the corrosive nature of the salt can cause damage to the stones. In addition, the salt can seep into the pavers and cause discoloration and other problems.

How to stop weeds from growing between my pavers?

Just as Naperville winters can rough, Spring in Naperville brings is own set of issues like weeds and plant vegetation. Proper installation of stones, a constant slope to drain moisture from the surface, and a well-compacted layer of finishing sand will help prevent future weed growth. We do recommned pulling or killing any weeds if they arise. 

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