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Our Objectives

#1: Redefining the customer experience
#2: Providing a superior product within the industry

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In order to achieve these goals, we take pride in being a full-service deck contractor and deck builder at Platinum Decking

We offer the following services:

  • Transforming Existing Decks With Low Maintenance Composite decking (making your old deck look new)

  • Installing a Variety of Railings Options

  • Brand New Deck Design & Installation

  • Installing Deck Lighting for Safety and Beauty

  • Picture Framing

  • Steel Frame Install

  • Using Hidden Fasteners

  • Use of Diamond Piers vs. Poured Footings

  • Learn more about us by checking out our Barrington deck builder home page
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Transforming the Existing Deck


  • In many cases, Platinum Decking is able to deliver a new outdoor living area by transforming your existing deck. This entails keeping the existing framing and joists in place and removing all the old/rotten decking surface. This gives you the beauty of a new outdoor living area without the cost of a total rebuild.

  • Keep in mind – when transforming our customers existing deck, Platinum Decking will inspect each and every joist, post, and all framing to ensure the safety and integrity of the substructure is up to code. Safety is our number one concern.

Designing a New Deck and New Deck Ideas

  • Some customers want a new deck designed or their deck completely rebuilt. In this case, we will help you design the project and provide you with 3-D images or drawings to get a visual of what your new outdoor living area will look like when the project is finished!

Outdoor Deck Lighting

  • Outdoor deck lighting not only adds tremendous beauty to your new outdoor living area, but it also adds safety. Being able to enjoy your outdoor living area during the day as well as the evening is important to us.

  • There are a variety of different lighting options we can discuss. These that range from built-in lighting to post cap lighting; all options are beautiful and will surely impress during your next evening dinner party.

Picture Framing

  • Picture framing has become more and more popular as low maintenance, composite decking continues to grow. Platinum Decking will install a perimeter around your deck with an accent color of your choice. This gives our customers’ outdoor living area an absolutely beautiful look and a unique aesthetic touch.

  • There is no doubt this will create a “WOW” moment every time you will walk on your deck.

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Hidden Fasteners

  • For decades, decks have been built with standard decking screws. These are not only visually disruptive but can become dangerous over time. The Trex Hideaway Hidden Fasteners have revolutionized the industry. The subtle beauty speaks for itself.  

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Deck Railing Systems

  • The railing is no longer simply for safety, they are now part of the design and beauty of your deck. We offer a wide variety of different railing options.  Our railing options range from a standard aluminum rail system all the way up to a composite cocktail railing. We have options for everyone’s budget. Below are a few ideas on different options.
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Diamond Piers

  • Diamond Piers replace the traditional “footings,” which are the foundation of your outdoor living area. Platinum Decking is the only deck builder in the Northwest suburbs that uses diamond piers exclusively. They are far faster and easier to install than traditional concrete footings. For our customers, the perks are even better. Diamond piers are also far more resistant to frost and other weathering concerns that traditional footings struggle to combat.  

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be your local deck builder and deck installer!

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