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Platinum Decking- Your local deck builders in the Palatine and surrounding area

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Platinum Deckng vs. the average deck builder in Palatine

Platinum Decking is able to offer some of the highest quality work at an extremely competitive price in the Palatine area for one simple reason, specialization.


Unlike many other contractors in the Palatine area, Platinum Decking ONLY does low maintenance composite decking. This has two major benefits.

First, We have less overhead built into our prices. General contractors need a wide verity of tools since they do all different kinds of projects. The cost of their non-deck related tools at some point is built in their prices. That is simply not the case with Platinum Decking.

Second, Like anything in life the more you practice the better you get. Our crews only install low maintenance composite decking in the greater Palatine area. Due to all the repetition and muscle memory, our crews get more and more skilled every job they do. This allows our crews to become experts in the trade not only delivering high-quality work but also increasing their efficiency.

With Platinum Decking, we also have excellent partnerships enabling us to offer a customer experience that is above and beyond. With the goal of becoming the local deck builder in Palatine and the surrounding areas, these partnerships help make it possible.

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Platinum Decking | Your Local deck builders

Unlike many construction industries, 50% of the total cost for Platinum Decking is simply materials. This means good relationships with the suppliers and distributors is very important business operation and most importantly you, the customer. We have excellent relationships with both our distributor and supplier and the benefits are vast!!

  • Check out our Barrington deck builder home page if you are a homeowner located near the Palatine, IL area looking for a great deck building contractor!
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Our great partnership with Trex enables our employees will be professionally trained through their special programs. This hleps to ensure Trex products are not being built incorrectly. Additionally, Trex offers customers resources exclusively to their top decking contractors giving an extra layer of service to our customers.

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Premium Decking Supply is one of the largest Trex decking distributors in the Chicagoland area. Due to the volume of supplies being purchased with Premium Decking Supply, they have given Platinum Decking huge price breaks on Trex decking materials. Since decking material makes up about 50% of the job, this equates to huge savings that we pass directly down to our customers.

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Anytime you are building something, a high quality tool matters. At Platinum Decking we use nothing but the best. Milwaukee power tools are the industry standard for high performance power tools. Using Milwaukee tools helps our crews be more precise and efficient when building your new Trex deck.

Searching for a deck builder in Palatine is now complete

Customer service is our absolute focus from start to finish. Earning the title as your local deck builder is our number one goal!

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The core of Platinum Decking|Palatine’s local deck builders

Our goal at Platinum Decking is to make the deck buying process one that you enjoy and can get excited about. Our process starts with a site down to show you the benefits and options of low maintenance Trex composite deck. 

Over the life of your deck, a low maintenance composite deck can save you $1000’s in maintenance and upkeep. A Trex deck is an investment that pays for itself. Read more about the cost savings of Trex deck here

Next, we will discuss how you want your new outdoor living area to look. This is where the process gets exciting. With all the different Trex colors and deck designs, your new deck can become a true extension of your home. What used to be a simple wood deck, can now become a custom design to your exact needs and wants. 

After we decide on colors, railings, and design, we will put together a sketch or 3D rendering of your new deck. This will give you a sneak peek of what you can expect. Once finalized, we will schedule a date to begin construction on your new outdoor living area!

In order to earn the title of your local deck builder near me, we strive to make every deck custom and personalized to you and your home. We want you to be able to enjoy your Trex deck with friends and family for decades to come!

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 Platinum Decking |Palatine Composite Deck Builders | Specializing in Trex Decking

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Your Local Deck Builder Going Above and Beyond


We have a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy, which is 4x, the required amount by the state of Illinois and full workers compensation. Unlike many deck contractors who simply buy liability insurance to check a box, we wanted to make sure every party involved with Platinum Decking is fully covered in the case of an accident.

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Trex composite decking in Palatine IL

When completing the classic deck builders near me or deck builders in Palatine search, here are some of the FAQ’s we commonly receive

What is Composite decking?

Composite Wood

FAQ w/ Matt

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from homeowners who search “Palatine Deck Builder” or “deck builder near me” for the surrounding cities and areas is “What is composite wood?” “Composite wood. Tell me more.”


It’s astounding what I learn when I visit Port Barrington, Lake Barrington and more suburbs that have me come out and visit. Although composite wood has been around for more than 30 years, many homeowners have only dealt with wood decks, mostly because they grew up with one and bought a house with one already on the back.


Before I answer, it’s important to clarify: “composite wood” is better described as “composite decking” or “composite material.” In truth, “composite wood” is either a mix of recycled plastic and recycled wood, or pure plastic.


The differences between composite materials and wood or cedar are incredible. To summarize, the biggest difference to homeowners in Barrington, Lake Zurich, Naperville and the rest of the state of Illinois, is that composite wood/materials are weatherproof. For instance, A protective shell on 3 of 4 sides on the composite board makes moisture a non-factor, unlike wood.


Furthermore, companies who manufacture composite, like Trex or Azek, provide a 25 year (or longer) warranty. The beautiful deck that goes under blankets of snow won’t emerge cracked and splintered, and every single year won’t be a maintenance hassle.


Think about that.


Composite wood also can look almost exactly like wood, down to the grain. Trex is an industry leader in this feature, with its top tier line Transcend. With different railing options and different colors, a composite deck can truly be looked at as an outdoor living space – instead of a square to store a grill and some toys on.


Platinum Decking specializes in composite decking. We are the best option for anyone who searches “Barrington deck builder,” “deck builder” or “deck builder near me.” If you are researching “composite wood,” we can educate you fully. Furthermore, are partners with Trex and pride ourselves on our truly unique customer experience.


In addition, we can resurface your existing wood deck! Small, medium, or large, we specialize in making your yearly-pain wood deck a wonderful new living space that is low to no maintenance. We can also create a new design, or built an entirely new deck!


Please call us at 224.634.4345 to schedule a free estimate.


I hope this answered any questions you had about “composite wood.” Feel free to check out our website for:


A free estimate


Employment opportunities


To look around


Wood Vs Composite Cost

Wood vs Composite Cost


In this post, I’m going to break down the difference in cost between wood material and composite material. In addition to showing the actual numbers, I will go in depth on why there is a difference in the first place.


Firstly, let’s go over the average numbers for the initial installation of the two types of decks. Consider the chart below:


To sum it up, the labor of the initial installation of a deck will be the same cost. The difference in cost is materials. The average board made of composite material will be up to 3-4 times as much as regular lumber.


Composite materials are made up of a mixture of plastic and wood, or pure plastic. These materials are built to last year over year in very cold climates. In addition, composite manufacturers like, Trex and Azek, warranty materials for 25 to 30 years. Trex’s top tier decking material, Transcend, is designed to look exactly like wood. In conclusion, if you live in a climate with hot summers and snowy winters, composite is the “only option.”


Now consider:


Based on a “$1200 every other year” budget, a wood deck will end up costing far more than a composite in the long run. Higher end wood material only makes the total investment higher. In addition, we haven’t considered the “enjoyment” factor during this period. Each year, a part of the wood deck looks worse. Each year, a new issue and a new headache.


Composite decking is built to last. The material Trex makes is made of a mix of wood and plastic. In addition, Trex coats its boards on 3 sides with a moisture-proof shell. This protects the board from snow and rain for decades. Any excess moisture is funneled to the remaining side.


Resale of wood vs composite deck has even more contrast. While a wood deck can get the same or higher return on investment than a composite deck, there is a catch. Like a new car, every day the deck will lose value.To sum it up, if the house does not sell immediately, the composite deck is the safer return on investment.


Other factors influence cost as well. Firstly, outdoor lighting can be added to stairs and flooring. Secondly, the total investment of resurfacing an existing wood deck is much less than building brand new framing and decking. Thirdly, different product lines have different features and different costs; Select and Transcend, for example. Fourthly, water irrigation and steel framing can both be addressed.


In conclusion, Platinum Decking is the only choice when considering the perfect custom outdoor living space. We are Barrington’s Trex Deck Experts. We service the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, as well as special requests in Illinois and Wisconsin. Please call for a free estimate: 224.634.4345

How Long Will Trex Decking Last?

How Long Will Trex Decking Last?


Early Trex Products


Trex was the industry originator in composite decking; they also have been the leader in design changes. Early on, you could go to Ace Hardware or Menard’s, buy a few boards and expect a composite deck to last anywhere from 5-10 years before the product started to fade and wear down.


A Breakthrough for Chicago Deck Builders

With the addition of the “cap” that covers three sides of each composite board, Trex was engineered to withstand the worst weather and the most use. Trex composite is now expected to last anywhere from 25-40 years without major wear and tear or fading. Trex warranties nearly every product with a 25-year warranty to back up the claim.

Does Trex Decking Get Hot?

Does Trex Decking Get Hot?


As with many products that stay in the marketplace for a long time, composite materials has seen its fair share of upgrades. When you searched for “deck builders near me,” in the 90s and early 2000s, it was common for them to install composite decks that became extremely uncomfortable to stand on when in direct sunlight.


However, design changes have solved the problem. Trex composite decking, for example, ran a study comparing how cedar and wood boards compared to a Trex board when all were exposed to direct sunlight. In an interesting twist, the Trex board of similar color was actually cooler to the touch than the wood board.

In general, choosing boards that are lighter in color will yield a “cooler” deck than one with darker-toned boards. Composite boards have evolved to be equally as receptive to higher temperatures as wood or cedar materials.

Is TimberTech Better Than Trex?

Is TimberTech Better Than Trex?


Chicago Deck Builder’s Big Question – What Brand?


A deck made of composite materials is the smarter investment if you live in the Midwest, or in a region with consistent and persistent rain or snow. The better question, then, is what brand of composite is best. The two major brands, Trex and TimberTech, both have advantages and disadvantages when comparing side by side.


Chicago Trex Decks – Scratch Away!


If scratch resistance is your biggest concern, there is no match for Trex Transcend. Transcend is Trex’s top tier decking material, and is covered by a 25-year scratch, fade and installation warranty. Trex’s lower lines, and all of TimberTech’s lines, are comparable in scratch resistance. TimberTech’s products are generally more expensive than Trex as well.


Great Looking Composite  Decks In Chicago


The deck’s visuals are also different when dealing with the two lines. TimberTech’s products are 100% PVC, so while the deck is weather-proof, it will have a completely plastic look. Trex’s products, specifically Transcend, is the most life-like, matching wood down to the grain.

Does Composite Decking Scratch Easily?

Does Composite Decking Scratch Easily?


Early Challenges


Trex is considered the founder of the composite decking industry. Trex began its company in the ‘90s with a product that could finally compete with pressure-treated lumber or cedar. The new product was not perfect, however. It was still susceptible to moisture, board color faded easily, it was very hot to the touch in direct sunlight, and it scratched easily.


New Designs, No Maintenance for Chicagoland Decks

With the addition of  “cap” technology in the 2010s, a sealing layer covers three sides of the composite board, Trex boards are impervious to moisture and are backed by a 25-year warranty. The cap and warranty protect against fading as well. Trex boards now no longer get hot in the sun. Most importantly, each Trex line is scratch resistant, with Transcend being the nearly 100% scratch-proof.

Local Palatine home improvment stores

After Platinum Decking installs your new Trex deck in Palatine, we understand this might spark a few other projects around the house. We put together a list of local home improvement stores in the Palatine area to help make your life a bit easier.

Our local Barrington area home improvement stores are also available. 

Home Depots in the Palatine area


Lake Zurich


Lowe’s In the Palatine area


Menards in the Palatine area

Long Grove 

  • 2700 LAKE COOK RD LONG GROVE, IL 60047
  • Ph: 847-963-0558

Crystal Lake

  • Ph: 630-213-8775

Mount Prospect

  • 740 E. RAND RD MT PROSPECT, IL 60056
  • Ph: 847-632-0291

Ace Hardware’s in the Palatine area

Ace Hardware Barrington

  • 906 S Northwest Hwy Barrington, IL 60010-4624
  • (847) 304-4325
  • Mon-Fri: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Sat: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Sun: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sherwin Ace Hardware

  • 1705 W Campbell St Arlington Heights, IL 60005-1517
  • (847) 255-3113
  • Mon-Fri: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Sat: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Sun: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Our goal at Platinum Decking is to service homeowners outside of just Palatine. If you search “deck builders near me” in any of the following areas, Platinum Decking would kindly make the trip to give you a free quote on your new deck!

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Platinum Decking services the surrounding areas, not just Barrington!

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