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Our goal at Platinum Decking is to provide you with the best products on the market. As the industry leader, Trex has an incredible selection of both composite decking, composite rail systems, and aluminum rail systems.

Trex Decking products

Trex Decking products 

Trex has made a type of composite deck board that can fit any decking budget. Regardless of which product you choose, they come standard with the following benefits.

The first is an unparalleled warranty. Every Trex decking product comes with a 25-year fade and stain warranty. Yes, this means no more painting or staining your deck!

Second is all Trex decking products are made us 95% recycled wood and plastic. They have coined the term “A Green Deck”.

Finally, Trex decking boards do not splinter, rot, or split like a standard pressure-treated board.


Trex Transcend

Trex Transcend is the best decking product Trex has to offer. In addition, it is arguably the best composite deck board on the market. 

Trex Transcend not only is the most scratch-resistant but it also has the most natural wood look of any Trex composite deck board. 

Trex Select

Trex Select is the second most scratch-resistant product made by Trex. It has more of a “stamped” wood grain pattern than the Trex Transcend. 

Trex Select has some very beautiful color combinations to choose from. Madeira and Winchester Gray are one of the best color combinations Trex has to offer. 

Trex Enhance _ Local deck builder

Trex Enhance is one of the more economical options that Trex makes. It is at a similar price point as pressure-treated lumber, making a composite deck available if a wood deck is in the budget.  

Trex Enhance also offers a unique and natural wood grain pattern that Select does not. In some cases, Trex Enhance can be confused with Trex Transcend from an esthetic standpoint. 

Trex Railing Products 

Trex Transcend Railing

Trex Transcend is a fully composite rail system. It is very customizable in terms of colors and design. 

Trex signature railing_ barrington deck builder

Trex Signature is a fully aluminum rail system. It is available in 3 different colors and has a very “modern” look. 

Trex select railing_ barrington deck builder

Trex Select is a  composite rail system. This rail system is at a similar price point to pressure-treated wood. It is only available in white with black balusters. 

Above all in customality, durability, and performance, TREX Transcend Railings outshine any other railing design on the market. Built with the same level of strength as TREX Transcend boards, this railing will withstand against the elements beyond expectation. Guaranteed not to warp, splinter, fade, disintegrate, or rot. Best of all, Transcend railing is backed by the same 25-year warranty as your deck flooring. 

From a design perspective, the main advantage of Transcend Railings is their ability to be customized. In both color and material finish, everything from the top and bottom plates, to the balusters and caps, can be made to compliment your deck aesthetic. What’s refreshing about this concept, is you’re not going to be confined to a cookie cutter selection of mass-produced, standard-unit railings. 

The Transcend post sleeves, sleeve caps, top plate and bottom plates all come in a pallet of 7 colors inspired by TREX’s flooring color concepts. The post sleeves and sleeve cap options also extend to lighting collaboration, depending on your chosen illumination features for your outdoor space. In addition to that, the balusters also range in styles from traditional spindles to more modern infills. Spindles take more of a traditional approach coming in round and square styles. The very popular powder-coated aluminum material spindle style gives your space an industrial contrast. For a more economical option of spindle style, squared PVC is also available. 

In contrast to the traditional spindle style baluster, TREX showcases a modern-sleek design is glass paneling. The glass panel concept is available for install with all styles of TREX railings,  offering a naturally seamless feel from deck space to open lawn. Although the style is a beautiful option, it comes with the inevitable maintenance of keeping each panel clean, as any exterior glass piece requires, as well as an additional cost. Logically speaking, the material itself combined with installing a more fragile unit comes with its price for being done properly. If your budget allows, glass paneling in place of balusters is a beautifully sophisticated choice for taking your outdoor living space to the next level. 

Trex Decking Colors

Trex Transcend Lineage
“The award-winning next generation of design and performance, featuring heat-mitigating technology for our coolest decking yet.* Available in four on-trend, tranquil colors. Backed by a 50-Year Limited Residential Warranty.”

This is one of the most recent addations to the Trex Transcend Decking family. When building a pool deck, Trex Lineage can add great value with his cool deck technology.

Trex Lineage decking

Tiki Torch


Spiced Rum

Trex- Lava- Rock

Lava Rock


Island Mist


Havana Gold


Rope Swing 


Pebble Grey




Toasted Sand


Coastal Bluff


Rocky Harbor

trex-enhance-naturals-decking-foggy- wharf

Foggy Wharf


Beach Dune


Clam Shell



Trex Deck Lighting

Trex deck lighting brings a beauty that simply speaks for itself. It adds an ambiance that makes your deck feel like a luxury resort.

Trex offers post cap lighting, flush mount lighting, post downlighting, and stair riser lighting. In addition to adding beauty, the lights also add an element of safety to your deck. At night with your stairs lit with stair riser lights, will greatly reduce the likelihood of tripping. It will also help you and your loved ones navigate safely when visibility is low.

The Trex lighting system is a low voltage system that can be connected to most 110 Volt power outlets. Please note there does need to be a breaker on the outdoor outlet.

A newer feature that Platinum Decking offers for deck lighting is a remote control and dimmer. The remote control can turn your deck lights off and on and dim them if you wanted to change the mood or ambiance. The remote control has about a 30 feet radius.

Trex Deck Lighting- Post Cap

Trex Rain Escape enables you to make a “dry space” below your deck. This means you can either double the size of your outdoor living space or create a backyard shed that does not take up any of your backyard.

With the Trex Rain Escape system, you are able to install fans, lighting, and other indoor features underneath your new Trex deck. 

If you are looking for a dry location to store your patio furniture or lawnmower over the winter, the Trex Rain Escape system could also be a perfect fit. The cost of a backyard shed will far exceed the cost of creating a dry space under your deck. 

Trex Rain Escape

Trex Fascia and Stair Fascia 

Fascia is the key to your new Trex deck looking finished. On traditional wood decks your “rim joist” or outside joist is left exposed. Additionally, on stair sets your “rise” is left open so you can see through the stairs.

Trex fascia allows you to cover your exposed “rim-joist” and stair “risers” giving you a beautiful and finished look. 


Trex Deck Fascia- Stair Fascia
Deck fascia_ Local deck builders

Trex Hidden Fasteners

Trex decks look beautiful as is but the hidden fastener system takes it to the next level. In the past with a traditional fastening system (aka deck screws), you could see the 100’s of screws throughout the deck. This is otherwise known as an eyesore.

With the Trex hidden fastener system, there are very few screws visible throughout the course of the whole deck. This adds a beautiful touch to an already beautiful deck!


Trex _ Barrington_ fasteners_ local deck builders

Joist Tape

Lumber today is simply not made the same as it was ten or twenty years ago. Because of additional regulations and other factors, pressure-treated lumber now lasts only 10 to 15 years, when older lumber can last multiple decades. As you can see, if nothing additional is done, composite decking will outlast the framing it will sit on. Many deck builders do not know these important facts.

Joist tape is a good addition to extend the life of your frame. Composite decking has a cap that protects it from the elements for years, and joist tape acts the same way. It covers the top of each joist and beams on the frame, effectively shielding the top of the joist, and all of its screw holes, from moisture. This can add 5-10 more years to the life of your lumber frame, avoiding future rotting. Best local deck builders, like Platinum Decking, love using Trex joist tape on all of their projects.

 The material the joist tape is made with is important. If you live in the Midwest, or other regions where the temperature can reach very low and high temperatures, butyl tape is the best. Trex’s line of joist tape, Trex Protect, is made with butyl and is resistant to fluctuating temperatures. It’s also extremely sticky, attaching to joist tops and staying there when boards expand and contract.

Joist-Tape- Trex
Trex Decks Helping Protect the Environment

Unlike many building materials, Trex is made of approximately 95% recycled wood and plastic. This makes Trex one of the countries leaders in recycling. 

The Green Process

First, Trex sources reclaimed wood that would have been discarded or left in landfills. Trex takes pride in never having to cut down a single tree in order to make their decking.

Second, Trex collects plastic from around the country. They recycle grocery bags, shopping bags, sandwich bags, newspaper sleeves and much more. An interesting fact that for every 500 square foot Trex deck contains 140,000 recycled plastic bags.  

Trex works with venders from around the country along with the US Green Building Council to make a positive impact on the environment while also creating the world’s leading composite decking. 

New Trex Decking Products


Discover what it means to have a Trex Deck

Trex Decking- The Hassle-free alternative to wood decking

  • No more staining your deck
  • No more painting your deck
  • No deck repairs
  • A simple powerwash keeps it looking new and has a 25 year warranty
Trex Deck- Chicago
Trex New Products

Owning real estate in the greater Barrington area is a fairly expensive game. When purchasing a property, the outdoor space is commonly overlooked as a contributor to livable square footage.  Upgrading your backyard into an extension of your already valued property is not only going to add significant value, but maximize the use of your expensive real estate. Leading the industry in both ingenuity and consumer choice, TREX is rolling out 4 new signature product lines this year that are sure to complement your lifestyle and transform your outdoor space.

Trex Outdoor Fire & Water

Taking your property’s outdoor experience to the next level, TREX created a way to turn your backyard living space into a luxury resort-style oasis complimenting the natural landscape with water and fire elements. Made up of signature TREX all-weather material finishes, each piece serves a purpose of accent or statement. Nothing says relaxation and serenity like enjoying an illuminated fireside evening on your beautiful TREX deck. 

No matter your space’s style, the entire line of outdoor pieces are created to enhance the natural space. Each is built in a variety of stainless steel and copper materials to bring any vision to life, modern to rustic. These units are built to last, made up of solid and durable materials that will withstand all weather conditions and climates.

Trex outdoor Fire & Water

Fire Pots

The first concept in the TREX Outdoor Fire & Water line is Fire Pots. These sleek and functional pots provide more of an accessorizing purpose. Each pot is individually functional so it can serve many purposes around your space without being anchored permanently to one area. The TREX Fire Pots come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, and are meant to be top-filled with customizable glass pieces, stones or lava rocks. A notable feature of these outdoor design accessories is their manual valve operation, with auto-ignition as a feature-to-come. 

A unique way of using the elemental design of these firepots is being done with open concept deck spaces. Without the bordering perimeter of railings on your deck, placing TREX fire pot incrementally around your decks framing border adds a natural-feeling break between deck and yard without the enclosure a railing provides. This concept can also be applied to your garden, pool, or courtyard spaces as the versatility of TREX Fire Pot units are what makes them a perfect accessory to upgrade your outdoor living space.

Trex- Fire - Pots

Artisan Planters

Adding foliage and flowers to any outdoor landscape creates depth and beauty to your outdoor living space. TREX Artisan Planters are designed to compliment the same stainless steel and copper finishes of the Fire lines, adding a day-light focal point. 

Each Artisan Planter comes in a variety of sizes and depths, accommodating any combination of greenery to accent your space. The units are finished with a natural patina, all-weather material that supports both annuals and perennials for all seasons without risk of contamination to your foliage. Drainage holes were strategically placed on the lower wall of each planter, taking attention to detail with pride for breathability and function in all climate conditions. Seen in use most often as sight breakers, defining separate spaces and entrances. As well, used to accent and accentuate your landscape as a unique and natural oasis.

Trex Copper Fire Table

Fire Tables

Secondly in the TREX Outdoor Fire & Waterline, are fire tables. Upping the bar for your outdoor living space, TREX’s fire tables take the concept of an outdoor fire pit to next level style and functionality. With a sleek copper or stainless steel design, the fire table concept gives you ambiance without mess and hassle. Create a gathering area, where friends and family can relax in the ambiance of a warm fire glow. 

Each table comes in 3 different shapes; square, circle, or rectangle, sure to complement the aesthetic of any outdoor living space. Consistent with the TREX Fire Pots, the variety of finishes and sizes available vary as well. You can choose from either a manual or automatic ignition configuration, backed by a 3-year burner warranty, in addition to the units 1-year warranty guarantee. These fire tables are a stunning piece that will add a dramatic “wow” factor to any outdoor living space.

Deck Ideas from Trex Decking 

Platinum decking combined with Trex decking has you covered from start to finish. Here are some deck ideas and deck plans that can help inspire your project!

Platinum Decking, we can help you design most any project. In some cases, simple is better, and in others, we can get very detailed. is filled with different ideas and can help with the design process.

You can pick a few ideas out and send them to us or we would be more than happy to pick a few out and design a deck with our 3D software. If you are going to invest in a 25+ deck, we want to make sure you are excited about the deck design. 

Deck Plans | Deck Ideas

Explore more deck options at (sponsored by Trex)

If you are from Barrington, Oconomowoc WILibertyville, NapervilleRacine-Kenosha, Oconomowoc WI or Schaumburg, visit those locations for a free deck quote. 

If you are interested in a stone patio, Please visit Platinum Patio and Pavers

Deck plans, Deck ideas, Trex example 1
Deck plans, Deck ideas, Trex example 2
Deck plans, Deck ideas, Trex example 3
Deck plan- deck ideas- ground level
Deck plan- deck ideas- second story
Deck plan- deck ideas- Stairs in front
Deck plan- deck ideas- deck bench
Deck plan- deck ideas- double stairs
Deck plan- deck ideas- stairs left
Deck plan- deck ideas- full stairs
Deck plan- deck ideas- square- second story
Deck plan- deck ideas- multi level

Above Ground Pool Deck

Pool Deck | Pool Deck Railing 

Trex is excellent around pools where kids and adults enjoy running around with bare feet. Trex will not rot and more importantly, will not splinter. Additionally, since these areas are always getting wet, a wood deck will not hold paint or stain for more than a year or two. 

Trex decking takes the maintenance and safety risk out of your pool deck, allowing you to simply enjoy your pool this summer!

above ground pool, pool deck railing, deck over pool 1
above ground pool, pool deck railing, deck over pool 2
above ground pool, pool deck railing, deck over pool