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Platinum Patio and Pavers Unilock offerings

Beacon Hill Flagstone:

Unilock’s Beacon Hill Flagstone stands out as one of the most popular materials used by Platinum Patio.  This paver enhances outdoor spaces with its colors and style. The stones’ unique texture and irregular shape evoke a natural, rustic charm, while perfectly cut edges ensure a seamless installation. This paver is made from high-quality concrete using advanced technology.  Under their enduracolor line, Beacon Hill Flagstone has amazing resistance to weather and wear, making it one of the absolute best options for patios, walkways, driveways, and pool areas. With a variety of colors and patterns, especially in their specialty Alpine Gray color, Platinum Patio can match any design or style preference. Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern look, Beacon Hill Flagstone is an outstanding choice.


Beacon Hill Flagstone colors
Beacon Hill Flagstone Unilock
Beacon Hill Flagstone

Beacon Hill Smooth: 

Unilock’s Beacon Hill Smooth is a top-tier paver with a sleek and modern design. This smooth paver is used in many Platinum Patio projects.  We use them to build patios, walkways, and driveways. Beacon Hill Smooth stands out with its smooth surface texture and differentiation of colors throughout each paver. Available in a diverse range of colors, and known for its Granite Fusion,  it effortlessly complements any architectural style. The paver’s distinctive design ensures a secure interlocking mechanism, guaranteeing long-term durability and stability. Serving as a cost-effective and low-maintenance paving solution, it elevates the visual appeal of outdoor spaces. Recognized for its exceptional performance and elegant appearance, the Beacon Hill Smooth remains a favored choice among homeowners, contractors, and landscape designers.

Beacon Hill Smooth
Beacon Hill Smooth Colors

Treo Smooth:

Facing a shortage of usable non-permeable space in your backyard? The solution is here, and Treo Smooth from Unilock is the answer. Treo Smooth is a permeable concrete paver with a sleek design. Available in a variety of available colors, it makes any Platinum Patio look stunning, and more importantly, does not contribute to the square footage of non-permeable structures on your property. The smooth surface of Treo Smooth has a beautiful finish that also ensures slip resistance, making it an ideal selection for patios, walkways, and driveways. This paver is very durable and weather-resistant, guaranteeing it to last. With its amazing quality and modern aesthetics, Unilock’s Treo Smooth paver is the perfect choice for any outdoor living space that is not allowed to be non-permeable.

Treo Smooth
Treo Smooth Unilock

Holland Premier

Unilock’s Holland Premier Paver is built with outstanding quality in outdoor hardscape space. Created under the enduracolor line, this paver is the best choice for any Platinum Patio border. The Holland Premier Paver has a sharp appearance, enhancing outdoor spaces with a touch of contrast. The available colors allow for creative customization, enabling you to complement any Platinum Patio design, although Platinum loves to use the Dark Charcoal color for most patio borders. The Holland Premier Paver enhances the look of Beacon Hill patios, walkways, and driveways and also promises long-lasting performance in diverse weather conditions. Choose Holland Premier Paver as your border paver for the perfect blend of durability, style, and charm in your outdoor projects.

Holland Premier Paver Colors

Fullnose Coping:

Unilock’s Fullnose Coping is a great addition to outdoor spaces. Designed to provide a finishing touch to steps and retaining walls, the Fullnose Coping has a rounded edge that adds a touch of contrast to any project. Using high-quality materials, such as concrete, this coping will last while looking great. The rounded edge not only offers a smooth and comfortable finish but also enhances safety around seating and pool areas. With its ability to complement any paver we offer, Unilock’s Fullnose Coping is a top choice for those who want to add a nice coping to a feature on the patio. Enhance your Platinum Patio design with the stylish look of Unilock’s Fullnose Coping.

Fullnose Coping Unilock Pavers

Ledgestone Coping: 

Unilock’s Ledgestone coping is a coping that was made to show off a natural aesthetic to any outdoor surface. Crafted from premium materials, this ledgestone coping is super durable and has a natural stone texture that automatically makes any Platinum Patio project more appealing.  Unilock’s Ledgestone coping is used in many patio items such as steps, seating/retaining walls, fire pits, fireplaces, and more.  This coping delivers a modern look that looks great with all other Platinum Patio Products. Unilock’s Ledgestone coping is an outstanding choice for enhancing any Platinum Patio.

Ledgestone Coping
Ledgestone Coping Colors
Old Quarry:

Unilock’s Olde Quarry is a natural option for your outdoor paver patio project. This durable paver stone is made to look like natural stone, creating an authentic and rustic aesthetic. Whether used in the creation of patios, walkways, or driveways, Olde Quarry adds a touch of character to any outdoor space. The textured surface of this paver contributes to its visual appeal, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a traditional feel. We use this block to build many of our steps, walls, and other additions to a patio.  It also pairs great with their Beacon Hill Flagstone line to enhance any traditional patio.  Olde Quarry not only looks great, but also stands up to the always-changing weather conditions here in the Midwest. Choose Olde Quarry for a wall or step block that combines classic style with modern durability, making your outdoor space a dream come true.

Old Quarry Unilock Colors
Old Quarry Kitchen
Old Quarry Seating Wall

Unilock’s Lineo is a sleek and modern wall and step block for any Platinum Patio Design. With clean lines and a smooth finish, Lineo is a great choice for creating retaining/seating walls, fire pits, steps, and more. Its smooth design provides a clean look, perfect for those seeking a modern outdoor space. This wall block pairs great with Unilock’s Beacon Hill Smooth.  Available in a variety of colors, Lineo will complement different design preferences and styles. Lineo not only adds a touch of elegance to outdoor spaces but also ensures durability and high quality, making it a reliable choice for those looking to create a landscape design that lasts. Enhance your outdoor living with the modern look of Unilock’s Lineo walls.


Lineo 3
Lineo 2
Lineo 4